august 25, 2017

Header11 Great Things to look for at the market this week!

1. The Morbier-style cheese at Valley Shepherd Creamery

2. Bacon Marmalade at Stone & Thistle (it’s the end of summer…live a little)

3. The ridiculously sweet and crunchy CORN at Black Creek Farm

4. Growing Hearts Farm’s okra. Think you don’t like okra? Let them prove you wrong.

5. Carnitas tacos and bright/seasonal agua fresca at Mariachi Mexico

6. The oh-so popular Monkey Bread at Wave Hill Breads

7. Shishito peppers for the grill, teeny yellow cucumbers and any and all tomatoes at Letterbox Farm.

8. A bouquet of ornamental flowers from Treadlight Farm, because blossoms=bliss. Especially when they are grown locally by an awesome couple.

9. Pickled golden beets from Deep Roots Farm my new favorite condiment for any all salads, sandwiches and sliders.

10. Neversink Spirits’ very floral gin which deserves to star in a creative summer cocktail.

11. The “petite” watermelons at Madura Farms

vendorsHere’s a recipe for watermelon/tomato/feta skewers – with mint and lime. So festive for a party on the patio. I love discovering interesting salsas to serve atop grilled fish. And this watermelon salsa  seems perfect right now! If Pura Vida does not have grouper, try this recipe with hake or swordfish instead.

Congratulations to our winner of last week’s caption contest.
Winner Stephen Schwartz wrote:
“It’s sunscreen for me and butter for them. I get burned. They get cooked.”