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june 14, 2018


Sunshine, strawberries, spirits and snakes!

Lots going on at the market tomorrow! For starters, Ranger Rick is back with his animal menagerie from iguanas, to bunnies, roosters and yes, snakes. We will also have two separate cooking demos, one geared just for kids. Renana Shvil of Fiddleheads Cooking Studio will be here to teach your kids some cooking basics. She hopes to make a seasonal recipe with rhubarb and/or strawberries. No sign-up necessary, just come to the market tent for a 10:30 start.

Marti Wolfson, will also be whipping up some good grub with whatever inspires her in the market bins.  She wasn’t on the calendar, but asked if she could come. Can you blame her? I can’t think of a better place to spend a Saturday morning with your family than with our market family. And, it is a family. Did you know that Marti named her daughter Olive after she and husband Evan spent their honeymoon among the olive groves of Messinia, Greece? They chose that spot because that’s where Demetra, of Kontoulis Olive Oil, harvests and presses her olives every fall and, well, who doesn’t love Demetra?

cookingI like that all the vendors and shoppers are watching Olive grow, just as they are watching Annie, Linh’s adorable (and oh so cooperative!) baby at the VN Food to GO tent. She’s been coming to the market since she was three weeks old, barely  bigger than a summer roll, and just celebrated her first birthday.  And vendors and shoppers alike know exactly how many teeth she has. Joe Tomato, who chats up every kid who comes to his table will likely be congratulating Chappaqua high school grads tomorrow, kids who’ve been buying mozzarella balls from him since they were pipsqueaks.

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june 7, 2018



Happy coincidences…

Strawberries love biscuits. And European charcuterie loves savory marmalade. Lucky for us! Strawberries are finally coming to market this Saturday. And Brooklyn Biscuit is here to welcome them.

jamsausagebiscuitsLarchmont Charcuturie is also coming with his popular pork and beef saucisson and pate de campagne – all paring beautifully with any of Anna Maria’s Savory Jams, but especially her tangy radicchio marmalade. A nice touch of sass and class on any cheese and charcuterie platter in this month of big celebrations. The Rascal cheese from McGrath likes her red pepper jam, as do the cheeses from Back to the Future, our new dairy. Continue reading june 7, 2018

may 31, 2018


June in a spoon

So it’s June and some days it still feels like March.
The flowers in my garden are so confused. Peonies are only now waking from their deep slumber and the flower seeds I planted weeks ago, thinking I was so “ahead of the game” have shown no sign of life. Only the rain-loving leafy green ferns are looking smug right now.

And, so it goes in our farmer’s fields. Our dreary spring has delayed the arrival of carrots and beets. But spinach, Swiss chard? Thriving!

Patience! In no time at all the wooden crates at the market will be brimming with all the produce that the Hudson Valley has to offer in early summer. Need proof? Check out the fields of promise at Sun Sprout.sunsprout3 Continue reading may 31, 2018

may 24, 2018


SUNSHINE! Plus: those biscuits, duck prosciutto, nut butter & gin

Here’s hoping that because of the lousy spring weather you decided to stay home this Memorial Day weekend. Because it would be a darn shame to miss tomorrow’s farmer’s market. Firstly, those biscuits are back. If you missed out on them on opening day (in the pouring rain Brooklyn Biscuit Co. sold out before 11 a.m.!) you’ll be happy to know they are bringing extra of their sweet and savory biscuits this week. You have been forewarned. They are that good.

biscuitsIf you are going to entertain on your deck or patio this weekend make sure you stop by the Larchmont Charcuterie tent for some out-of-this-world duck prosciutto. Daniel Treboul is so proud of this new addition to his repertoire. Pick up some sweet, sweet carrots from Sun Sprout Farm to slice up and serve with hummus from Taiim. And, while at Sun Sprout pick up some organic herb plants for your garden window box or potager. Continue reading may 24, 2018

May 17, 2018


Weather got you down? How about a chocolate pick-me-up?

Drew Salko, the young founder of The Chocolate Carbon Workshop, has got you covered. Drew developed a love for making chocolate while a senior, studying finance at Drexel University. It was a way to fend off the stress of homework and exams, he says. “I just got a small chocolate grinder for my apartment and began making different single-origin chocolate and figuring out which cacao beans I liked, from Madagascar or Venezuela.”

The passion continued post-college and earlier this year, Drew opened his small-batch chocolate “workshop” in New Canaan CT. His product line includes chocolate truffles and funky chocolate barks that use fruits and herbs from Salko’s own gardens and local farms, as well as chocolate spreads that use coconut milk and other vegan-friendly options. He uses organic, fair-trade single-origin chocolate from various countries. He likes to say he’s “exploring the world’s chocolate belt one country at a time.”

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may 11, 2018

HeaderMoo…We’re Back!

Fernie. Deb. Gaga. Deloras. Coco. Dallas. Lollipop and Rhubarb.

These are just some of the lovely grass-fed Jersey cows at Back to the Future Farm, an Orange County dairy joining our market this season with its own on-site dairy processing plant. Their line of dairy products are sold under the name “Ole’ Mother Hubbert”, after owner Rose Hubbert, who will be leaving the farm to come sell at the market personally. Her farm’s milk is processed without hormones or antibiotics and is non-homogenized which allows the cream to separate and rise to the top, “the old-fashioned way,” says Hubbert. The milk is super flavorful, because of the cows’ verdant diet and all bottles are labeled by hand. Rose will be selling milk, yogurt and some cheese.

BackFutureHer milk should taste oh so delicious in a cup of Big Bang Coffee. The Peekskill roaster is back this summer but alternating with another local roaster, Pinebrook Roasters which roasts their beans in White Plains and in Brooklyn. Same small local roastery-style coffee, just more options for you java junkies. Continue reading may 11, 2018

april 27, 2018


New Vendor: Dacha Fermented Veggies

As you know the Chappaqua Farmer’s Market is composed of two types of vendors. Those who come every week – the “bread & butter” – vendors, as it were, who sell produce, fruit, proteins and, yes, bread. Then there are the rotating vendors, who come once or twice a month. They sell the types of foods that aren’t necessary to prepare a meal, but they sure do make cooking, and life, more interesting.

So it goes for DACHA FERMENTED FOODS, a new vendor who will be visiting us once a month this season at the train station. Owner Sheila Bober had me at hello. Or rather, at DACHA, a Russian word and concept I love for obvious reasons.Dacha4

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april 20, 2018

Header42018Chocolate and Cauliflower?

If you’d told me a few years ago that cauliflower could make a brownie taste good…I would have likely chortled. But a lot has changed since “gluten-free” has become a way of life for so many. For starters, baked goods made without wheat no longer taste like a consolation prize. Bakers like Brittany Vellucci of Sweethearth Bake Shop are committed to making gluten-free desserts so delicious that instead of focusing on what’s missing you’ll want to know what it is, exactly, that makes them taste so darn good.

SweetHearthVerlucci began experimenting with vegetables and herbs and was pleasantly surprised with the delicious flavor they contributed, and even more so by the beauty they brought. “Nature already provides us with some pretty sweet ingredients; it only makes sense trying to bake and decorate with as much as naturally possible,” she says. She makes a Roots & Seeds granola–a grain-free granola with seasonal vegetables, reduced added-sugars, and multiple ways to consume (try it on top of a cupcake!). She also makes French macaroon with fillings like beet and berry, or fennel and pistachio jam, cookies with mint and tarragon, and, of course, her brownies made with cauliflower puree, (incidentally, these passed the decadent brownie test with the entire – unsuspecting –  family). “We are looking to change the way you treat”, says Vellucci. “Indulgences can actually be good for you.” Continue reading april 20, 2018

april 5, 2018



So much food and fun this week at our LAST INDOOR MARKET!

The sun-dappled berries of spring and early summer are so close I can almost taste them. Almost. For now, we have to make do with the organic raspberry puree that can be found in La Petite Occasion’s VEGAN raspberry caramel. Customers are always asking Pastry chef Michele Kim for vegan options so she figured out how to make a caramel that’s coconut based without any butter, cream or milk and she is quite pleased with the outcome.

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march 1, 2018


There will be so much food at the market this Saturday, it will spill out of the Church!

Ok. Not really, but that’s the premise of “Strega Nona”, the fabulous children’s book by Tomie dePaola, about a “magic” pot of pasta that keeps expanding until the spaghetti envelops an entire village. We will host a special reading of the charming classic by professional storyteller Julie Griffin (yes, a former teacher at Chappaqua Friends Nursery School. ) at 11 a.m.


Kids can help make a giant pot of  “yarn” pasta while Marti Wolfson, our resident demo chef and educator, will prepare her special Strega Nona Pasta recipe (below). Continue reading march 1, 2018