december 8, 2016

Brave the chill on Saturday for some Apple Brandy, Super Sausage, Honey Crisps, Culatello and Bacon Burgers

We have a great variety of sausage at the market. Excellent sausage, in fact, (and cleverly named, in the case of Stone & Thistle) which is why I usually end up simply roasting them and serving them on a bed of farro or polenta with wilted greens. Always delicious, since the ingredients speak for themselves, but, I’ll admit, slightly ho-hum. This week I’ve been trying to find something a little more interesting to do with sausage. Here are a couple of recipes I am eager to try: This recipe appeals, because chard and cannelini beans are two things I can’t get enough of. (Here’s a tip: I am not a huge proponent of canned foods, as you know, but, the BioItalia organic cannellini beans at Whole Foods are standout) and perfect for a weeknight recipe like this one.

Also, this April Bloomfield recipe for stewed sweet sausage with fennel and tomato sauce from Food & Wine is a real sausage showcase. And fennel is so reliably fabulous whether raw, steamed or stewed. Perfect one pot dish for a casual dinner party.

My French mother is visiting so we are going to get some apples at the market for tarte tatin because that’s what we do. I love making this during the holiday season: the caramelized apples always look so shiny and festive. Should be delicious with some of the local apple varieties Deep Roots Farm and Breezy Hill Orchard will be bringing this Saturday.

Of course, toffee is also great for gifts, and La Petite Occasion has lots of pretty packets of toffee candies – all wrapped and ready for the hostess at your next holiday gathering (or tucking into a stocking.)

Kontoulis is here for those of you who like to give the gift of olive oil. Let’s face it, some folks would rather receive something a little, stronger. Also visiting us this week: Neversink Spirits, based in Port Chester, will be bringing their artisanal brandy made with heritage apple varietals they planted themselves. Here’s what the NYT had to say about them.

It should be cold this Saturday so plan your shopping list before leaving the house so you can shop like a Ninja. Also – make sure to grab a sample of beef chili from the Farm Eats’ tent and some stuffed peppers or eggplant from Anthis Greek Specialties to keep you warm and toasty while you shop. Bambino Ravioli Pastificio was such a hit last week, we decided to expand our Italian offerings this Saturday. Fancy Italian, in this case.

Please make sure to check out our guest vendor: Mangalitsa by Mosefund who is bringing coppa, sopprasetta, lonza, and culatello  If it’s good enough for Aquavit NYC, The French Laundry and Roberta’s than it’s good enough for us!  Check out their buzz-worthy bacon burgers.

Finally – you should know that there will be a special guest at Chappaqua Station this Saturday. Someone with a long white beard who has clearly indulged in many a good farmer’s market meal. Yes, Santa will be dropping by Chappaqua Station from 10a to 12p for pictures with your little (or not so little) ones. All proceeds of this event will go directly to Chappaqua Cares.

Thank you Chappaqua Station!

See you at the market!