june 29, 2017


Zukes, Cukes & Kohlrabi

The one item you are sure to find at the markets this week is zucchini which is as predictable this time of year as sunburns and fireflies. Fortunately it’s also extremely versatile: zucchini (or courgette as they call it across the Pond) tastes just as good in a quick bread as it does in a quick pasta, or parading as pasta (as in zucchini spirals). It screams Provence – where it is central to staples like ratatouille or the classic summer tian. My new favorite way to eat zucchini is shredded in a pancake, particular this zucchini fritters recipe from Smitten Kitchen. Zucchini seems to marry well with sheep’s milk cheese. Fortunately Valley Shepherd Creamery has plenty of it. Check out his second zucchini cakes recipe with cheese.

zucchinicompMarti Wolfson will be here tomorrow working her culinary magic tomorrow. She doesn’t know what she’ll be making yet since she gets inspired by what’s spilling out of the market crates when she makes her market rounds first thing. She will undoubtedly make something zucchini, probably noodles or pesto. She’s also hoping to score the last of this season’s garlic scapes to make garlic scape egg crostini. (sign me up!). She’s also envisioning some sort of kohlrabi slaw since kohlrabi (you know, the funky looking vegetable you usually shy away from) is also plentiful right now. We’ll post her slaw recipe next week. In the meanwhile, here’s a kohlrabi primer from Bon Appetit.

Do I need to remind you of all the amazing protein options at market each week: since this is an extra long holiday weekend with lots of time for grilling and chilling, why don’t you shake it up a bit and try out a different meat vendor than you usually patronize? Mangalitsa has unusual collar steak cuts from their rare heritage Mangalitsa hogs. Stone & Thistle has some flavorful lamb. If you usually buy chicken from Letterbox Farm, try their pork this week. Of course you can’t beat FarmEats hamburger meat – especially when you gussy up your patties with all the fresh herbs at market this week. Have you tried Wave Hill Bakery’s burger buns? Reason alone to have a bbq this weekend.

Happy Fourth!

Pascale Le Draoulec

food writer/ farmer’s market director

author: “American Pie:Slices of Life (and Pie) from America’s Back Roads” (HarperCollins)