june 9, 2017

New faces/products to discover at the market this week.and plan ahead for Father’s Day!

Lisa Ciraldo grew up in Chappaqua but when the mountains beckoned, she moved to Colorado where she’s lived for the last 20 years. She became a pastry chef, started a business and a family. She was a regular vendor at the very lively Steamboat Springs Farmer’s Market. Now she has returned to Chappaqua with her kids and her baking prowess – and her market tent.
We are so happy to welcome Lisa to our market fold. She is now focused on baking nut-based, naturally gluten-free cookies and donuts which are disarmingly tasty. Finally donuts for everyone!

Leaf of the East:
Tea “master” Markham Sineband says high quality Taiwanese tea rarely leaves the island of Taiwan, especially teas that are petro-chemical-free. Its effects can be seen and felt, in the land, and in the people who craft, and drink it, he says. “In order to bring this kind of tea to you I live in Taiwan for half the year. During the spring and sometimes summer harvests I live in the mountains of Northern Taiwan where I help prepare and at times craft the tea”  that he’ll be selling at market. Sineband, who is based in Brooklyn, says each cup of Leaf of the East tea is a vote for sustainable farming and healthy living.


Many of you have been asking about Sohha Yogurt. I am sorry to say that John and Angela Fout have recently decided to shutter their business to focus on their family. I know they had many fans in Chappaqua and I hope these yogurt lovers will turn to our TWO NEW sources of yogurt at the market.

Valley Shepherd Creamery who joined us last week with their dizzying array of sheep’s, goat’s and cow’s milk cheeses is bringing tangy sheep’s milk yogurt that is sure to win over many Sohha fans. Miracle Springs Farm sells Hawthorne Valley yogurt, since they share the same creamery. Hawthorne Valley was one of the first dairies in the United States to be certified organic. The cows graze the pastures day and night and in winter, they eat a mix of stored forages harvested from the farm. This careful management and tending leads to happy cows, healthy soil, and delicious dairy products. They currently make four flavors of yogurt – Plain, Maple Vanilla, Strawberry, and Lemon.

Wouldn’t DAD be happy to have all of his favorite steak knives sharpened for Father’s Day? Or what about his lawnmower blades? Or favorite pruning shears. Or cigar cutter? Matt, the knife-sharpener will be here on Saturday.

And, our resident poet, Jackson, who writes lyrical poems on the fly (and on a manual typewriter) at the farmer’s market will be happy to write a Father’s Day poem for you. Give him some details about your Pop and watch him get inspired. Only $5 – a pop.

Broken Bow Brewery is here for there once-monthly visit so if Dad prefers Pilsner to poetry you know what to do.

The cool spring we’ve been having has really done a number on local produce. Everything is coming up later in the fields and early spring crops are sticking around. This calls for a recipe for spring onions which were abundant at the market last week.

These would taste great with a grilled porterhouse from Farm Eats, or the many aromatic sausages from Stone & Thistle Farm. BTW, ChiCho Hot Sauce is back at market this week should your choice of meat need a little extra kick.

Dough Nation is at the market but they have to roll out early to get to a private party so please order by 12:15.

See you at the market!