August 30, 2018



Squeeze in those last, late summer picnics

The other day I took my family to Boscobel to see Taming of the Shrew, and I dare say our family picnic stole the show.

Yes, the Hudson River views were dramatic, but all eyes were on our market spread: some bread rolls from Wave Hill Breads, Rascal and Victoria Cheese from McGrath Cheese Co., some pate de campagne from Larchmont Charcuterie, kalamata olives from Kontoulis. garlicky hummus from Taiim Shack Mobile, cubed melon from Caradonna Farms, couscous salad with tomatoes from Sun Sprout, hard-boiled eggs from Letterbox Farm, and of course, some red wine and chocolate buckwheat treats from Bien Cuit and caramels from La Petite Occasion. Such a treat.


Your Labor Day BBQs can (and should) be just as local. Letterbox Farms is bringing plenty of thick pork chops and country and spare rib. Also, they are well stocked on chicken cuts including their “airline breast” which is basically a skin-on breast with the first wing joint and tenderloin attached, otherwise boneless. The elegant cut is also known as a Frenched breast and lends itself to grilling and pan-frying.

letterboxAnd don’t forget about fish on the grill. You can make Jamie Oliver’s tasty cod kebabs and serve them with grilled eggplant and farro or halved new potatoes on the grill. 


Need a vegetarian alternative? I’ve got lots of cherry tomatoes on hand and two eggplants… so, at some point this weekend I will be making this easy curried eggplant dish with tomatoes and basil from Real Simple. Make sure you read the comments, rife with good suggestions.


Marti Wolfson, our superstar demo chef will be here this Saturday. Stock up on MOMO dressing as they won’t be back until Sept. 22. And Bohemian Baked is bringing deliciously moist brownies, blueberry scones, a variety of cookies, garlic knots, beer bread and mini apple pies – all vegan and gluten free!

See you at the market!