December 15, 2011

Dear Shoppers,

I just came back from walking the dog and was chilled to the bone, when I got an email from Fork & Glass describing the soup they are making for Saturday’s market: “pureed cauliflower with a touch of milk that has been steeped in laurel leaves.” And just like that I was all warm and tingly inside. Not only will our favorite catering couple from Cold Spring be selling their soups to take home, but for the first time, they will be selling their soup to eat on the spot. You can grab a satisfying bowl as an alternative (or addition) to their hearty, but healthy breakfast tacos or chorizo and potato quesadillas – the perfect energy food for this big last-minute holiday shopping weekend.

Of course, you can opt to make shopping super easy on yourself and buy all your gifts at the farmers market:
Amazing Real Live Food Co. will be selling festive $30 gift baskets with three of their most popular cheeses: Moonlight Chaource, Camembert and Stella Vallis Tomme. Why not combine with some of Honey Locust’s quince preserves which would add panache to any cheese tray.

Demetra of Kontoulis Olive Oil  –  is just back from harvesting in Greece – with her seminal oil and balsamic vinegar. As if these nectars weren’t delicious enough on their own, the amphora-shaped bottles are so beautiful they can be reused in a million different ways. I put my dishwashing liquid in one and just looking at it takes all the drudgery out of doing the dishes (well, not quite but…)

Who wouldn’t want a gift box of exotic (yet locally-made) Bombay Emerald Chutneys? Flavors include royal mint, royal pomegranate and royal tomato – and all are 100 % fat-free. The mint chutney is divine on lamb and the others add a touch of class and spice to any poultry dish.

Ready, Set Sharp, the knife-sharpeners are in the house and offering a 20 percent discount off of all sharpening services. What’s more they’re selling gift certificates worth $25 of sharpening for only $20. How’s that for an original stocking stuffer or Hanukah gift?

Our new gluten-free baker By the Way Bakery is also back this week, as is Big Girl Bakery – one of our market’s best-kept secrets!

As luck would have it Stone Barns is back with their quality line of meats and fowl. So many of you have written us to comment on the deliciousness of their chickens. And they’re so reasonably priced!

Mountain Smokehouse – famous for their chipotle-laced bacon is also back for a visit this week.  They will have smoked salmon and smoked trout for only  $6 per package.  All their smoked chicken sausages will be priced at $9/package. Half hams and smoked ham steaks for $5.95/lb (Bone-in) will also be available. And boneless hams will be $6.95/lb for a super holiday deal!

Finally,  we are introducing a new vendor this week: Rochester-based Flour City Pasta which makes about 15 different varieties of pastas each so flavorful that they require nothing more than splash of Demetra’s olive oil. Some of their fettuccini flavors  include pumpkin-chipotle & wild mushroom. They will also feature a few different types of orzo pasta including a sweet cranberry-pistachio orzo, the perfect holiday side dish. I recently tried (and loved!) their Rasta Pasta – a combination of shapes, each one a different flavor: sweet potato shells, carrot-thyme radiatore;  spinach/lime rigatone – cayenne fusilli  all with a hint of cinnamon spicing. Crazy flavorful and festive…

See you at the market….Happy holidays everyone!

Pascale Le Draoulec
food writer/author/farmers market director