January 5, 2012


Dear Shoppers,

No doubt many of you have made resolutions to eat better in the new year and the Chappaqua Farmers Market is going to make it that much easier – and fun – to do so.

We are very happy to announce that Stone Barns of Pocantico Hills will be bringing their gorgeous poultry (and rock star eggs!) every week that the market is open this winter.

Many of you have asked for more winter greens, and this week, we are delivering: please welcome Newgate Farms of Windsor, CT. This is a family-run farm that goes back five generations. They will be bringing cauliflower, butternut squash, iron-packed kale and more. We are so excited to have them join our market family.

Ditto for Flour City Pasta, of Rochester, NY, which will be bringing their small-batch organic pasta every Saturday. This, on top of so many of our regular favorites: the husband and wife team of Fork & Glass Catering Co. got inspired during our holiday break. They’ll be bringing an unbelievably tasty cannelini soup with country ham and rosemary. Their laurel-infused cauliflower soup was such a hit in December they’re bringing lots more, along with their Chicken and Cheese Enchiladas with Roasted Tomatillo Salsa ready to heat and serve with their Cowboy Beans and Mexican Rice, available individually by the pint.
Plus: they’ll be whipping up some Norwegian pancakes for breakfast and three types of quesadillas for lunch: Cheese, Black and Bean and Sweet Potato as well as Roasted Chicken tossed in lime juice and cilantro.

Organic farm Gaia’s Breath will be visiting us again with plenty of cuts of pork, beef and heart-healthy veal. In addition to veal sausage, meatballs, shanks and roasts, they are also now making delicate veal pastrami. They are also selling lovely coarse country pate in small portions – ideal to serve those unexpected guests, with a glass of wine and crackers (and cornichons, of course).

Amazing Real Live Cheese Co. is developing a loyal following thanks to interesting, pro-biotic cheeses like Chaource, a semi-soft log that parades as goat but is made with cow’s milk.

Pickles will be outside this week. Grab a pickle on a stick to nibble on while you shop and then grab your pints of pickles as you head out.

And wouldn’t it be nice to start the new year with fresh new soaps and hand lotions in your kitchen and bathrooms? The entire Clean Ridge Soap Co. line of soaps, lotions, diffusers, lip balms, etc. is made with local herbs and flowers and once you try them – you’ll be hooked. The kitchen soap is especially nice. Make sure to stock up at their table.

We so look forward to seeing you all in the new year!

See you at the market!
Pascale Le Draoulec
food writer/author/farmers market director