june 28, 2018


Slender carrots, meaty mushrooms and clever sausage

I love the way they stack their carrots at Sun Sprout Farm. The color block of bright orange provides such a pop of color against their wall of forest greens. Each carrot is like a stalk of art. And the taste? Sweet, clean and crunchy when eaten raw. Sweet smooth and silky when cooked on the grill or in a pan. Lately, I’ve enjoyed tossing them on the grill with their stems. They are particularly delicious if they get a nice char and theirs are the perfect size to eat from the stem.

This is when the carrots really shine at the market so you should give them their due in the kitchen. These recipes should do just that.carrotsbunch

Bien Cuit is now selling Bulich Farm Mushrooms at their tent. They will have plenty of Catskill shiitakes and oyster mushrooms this Saturday. So, if you’re planning on grilling this July 4th, pick some up to make mushroom burgers. There’s a great recipe for a quinoa/mushroom burger in this compendium of mushroom recipes from Bon Appetit. I guarantee you it will have meat lovers eyeing the competition.


If you’re going to do a mixed grill, make sure you pick up some Snake Plisskin sausage from Stone & Thistle. This one contains seasonal garlic scape, ground heritage pork and paprika. It’s named for the character in Escape from New York. Which is exactly what you may want to do given the temps this weekend.

Wright’s Farm has its first raspberries of the season. That always makes me smile.


See you at the market!