may 11, 2018

HeaderMoo…We’re Back!

Fernie. Deb. Gaga. Deloras. Coco. Dallas. Lollipop and Rhubarb.

These are just some of the lovely grass-fed Jersey cows at Back to the Future Farm, an Orange County dairy joining our market this season with its own on-site dairy processing plant. Their line of dairy products are sold under the name “Ole’ Mother Hubbert”, after owner Rose Hubbert, who will be leaving the farm to come sell at the market personally. Her farm’s milk is processed without hormones or antibiotics and is non-homogenized which allows the cream to separate and rise to the top, “the old-fashioned way,” says Hubbert. The milk is super flavorful, because of the cows’ verdant diet and all bottles are labeled by hand. Rose will be selling milk, yogurt and some cheese.

BackFutureHer milk should taste oh so delicious in a cup of Big Bang Coffee. The Peekskill roaster is back this summer but alternating with another local roaster, Pinebrook Roasters which roasts their beans in White Plains and in Brooklyn. Same small local roastery-style coffee, just more options for you java junkies.

CoffeeFarmer Simon Ziegler likes his coffee black just like his dirt. Which is why, after managing someone else’s farm in Connecticut for years, when it came time to set down roots of his own, Ziegler headed straight to Black Dirt Country. Chester, NY to be precise. That was four years ago and now he and his wife are knee-deep in produce at Sun Sprout Farm, their 25-acre farm which was certified organic last year. He and his wife, Madeleine, who will be selling at the market most Saturdays with their baby, Felix, in tow, met at an agricultural living community in Pennsylvania that supports adults with disabilities. We are so pleased to have them join our market family and hope you will give them a warm Chappaqua welcome.

sunsproutI always love it when a vendor I admire recommends a new vendor for the market. When two vendors I admire make the same recommendation – I pay attention. So when Pie Lady & Son and Stone & Thistle suggested we bring Brooklyn Biscuit Co. to Chappaqua I listened. So pleased they are eager to jump into the Westchester market world. Look for cheddar and blueberry biscuits sold individually or biscuit sandwiches made with bacon and eggs or Stone & Thistle sausage. Yeah, we’re going to put them next to one another. Maybe they’ll get frisky and throw some ramps in.

Yes, there should be ramps at the market this Saturday. I will be first in line so that I can make this  ramp carbonara recipe from Food52.

biscuitsandberriesWe were sad to see the Orchards of Concklin go, but are so happy to be bringing in Caradonna Farms, an orchard that has anchored the Union Square Green Market for 40 years. You just wait until they start bringing in their dizzying variety of apples, plum, pears and berries – including gooseberries and currents. These folks are serious about their fruit.

Our tea master Markham Sindeband is off in the mountains of Taiwan harvesting his tea leaves for his one-of-a-kind tea blends. He plans to re-join us in June. Looking forward, his tent is a real zen den.

Of course, as is tradition, the Dough-Nation Pizza Truck is here for opening day. So why not hit up Brooklyn Biscuit Co. for breakfast, then take a few shopping laps around the market and grab a market pie for lunch.

Milton is performing (another opening day tradition) so plenty of reasons to linger.

See you at the market — finally!

Pascale Le Draoulec
food writer/ farmer’s market director
author: “American Pie:Slices of Life (and Pie) from America’s Back Roads” (HarperCollins)