May 17, 2018


Weather got you down? How about a chocolate pick-me-up?

Drew Salko, the young founder of The Chocolate Carbon Workshop, has got you covered. Drew developed a love for making chocolate while a senior, studying finance at Drexel University. It was a way to fend off the stress of homework and exams, he says. “I just got a small chocolate grinder for my apartment and began making different single-origin chocolate and figuring out which cacao beans I liked, from Madagascar or Venezuela.”

The passion continued post-college and earlier this year, Drew opened his small-batch chocolate “workshop” in New Canaan CT. His product line includes chocolate truffles and funky chocolate barks that use fruits and herbs from Salko’s own gardens and local farms, as well as chocolate spreads that use coconut milk and other vegan-friendly options. He uses organic, fair-trade single-origin chocolate from various countries. He likes to say he’s “exploring the world’s chocolate belt one country at a time.”

chocoWhy has my coffee tasted so divine this week? Ole Mother Hubbert’s rich creamy milk, that’s why! The rain on our opening day was not conducive to lingering so you may have missed some of our new vendors in your rush to visit some of your longtime favorites. Dairy Farmer Rose Hubbert, of Back to the Future Farm, sells yogurt, butter, cheese and eggs directly across from the ever popular Dr. Pickle stand. Her delicious milk aside, Rose is a pistol, so worth getting to know. Biscuit Co. sold out of their savory and sweet biscuits and egg and sausage biscuit sandwiches by 11 am last Saturday. Needless to say, line up early for their next visit on Memorial Day Weekend.

Broken Bow is at the market this week. Stock up so that you are good to go when you finally fire up that grill.

beerSame fantastic granola – different name! Dragonfly Granola is now known as Meadowhawk Granola due to a trademark issue.  (An energy bar company out West had the Dragonfly name first, apparently.) Owner Susan Weseen says the name change has actually been inspiring and invigorating. “I am looking forward to watching the hawk fly,” she says. Personally, I am looking forward to trying her orange, pomegranate and hazelnut granola with Rose Hubbert’s milk. Best after-school snack. Ever. Made even better by the addition of local strawberries.

Sit tight…the strawberries are coming. Skye Caradonna says the strawberry plants at the farm have already started flowering. Until they turn up at the market, our new family-run orchard is bringing several varieties of local storage apples, and flowering plants. I bought a peach-colored dahlia that is adding an exquisite pique of color to my garden right now. I also bought some giant orangy-peach tulips from Marybeth at Stars of the Meadow Flower Farm that are just starting to bow, ever so gracefully in their vase. (Do you think I’m looking forward to the sunshine that usually goes hand in hand with peach season?).

starofthemeadowSince we are still looking at apples in the orchards bins how about some savory apple recipes with spring greens to get us through this last cold slump? Check out these, er, fall savory apple recipes from Bon Appetit. Switch out the fall cress for spring spinach, and you’re good to go!

By the way any of these recipes is made better by the addition of herb snips from your garden. Sun Sprout Farm, our fantastic new produce vendor has some beautiful herbs in pots – all organic –  to get your kitchen garden going this weekend.

Between SweetHearth Bake Shop and Bohemian Baked, gluten-free shoppers have lots to look forward to at the market this week!

A reminder this is the one day that Wright’s Orchards does not come to the market due to their annual cupcake festival. And, Mr’s D is off at her nephew’s graduation. Worry not: Three Little Pigs BBQ is here as are Vietnamese Food to go and Megha Indian Cuisine. So many options!

See you at the market!

Pascale Le Draoulec
food writer/ farmer’s market director
author: “American Pie:Slices of Life (and Pie) from America’s Back Roads” (HarperCollins)