may 31, 2018


June in a spoon

So it’s June and some days it still feels like March.
The flowers in my garden are so confused. Peonies are only now waking from their deep slumber and the flower seeds I planted weeks ago, thinking I was so “ahead of the game” have shown no sign of life. Only the rain-loving leafy green ferns are looking smug right now.

And, so it goes in our farmer’s fields. Our dreary spring has delayed the arrival of carrots and beets. But spinach, Swiss chard? Thriving!

Patience! In no time at all the wooden crates at the market will be brimming with all the produce that the Hudson Valley has to offer in early summer. Need proof? Check out the fields of promise at Sun Sprout.sunsprout3

In the meanwhile, this is the time to support your local farmer by working with what they you have. Who tried the edible Black Locust Tree blossoms at the market last week? Black Creek Permaculture Farm was selling these dainty, delicious buds and Marti, our demo chef who knows a good ingredient when she sees one, used them to garnish all of her recipes. The blossoms sold out faster than you could say “can you really eat these?”

This weather – and the abundance of greens at the market  right now- are perfect for homemade ramen. Momo Dressing now makes a spicy garlic white-miso base for your home-made ramen that is off the hook. Don’t forget to pick up some pork belly and scallions!


Need I remind you of all the other great grub we have at the CFM on a weekly basis? For the sake of brevity, let’s narrow it down to all the things you can/should eat with a spoon:

1. Penny Lick’s Mint Chip ice cream made with fragrant fresh local mint or vanilla topped with a spoonful of Hillrock Estate Bourbon
2. The seasonal ceviche at Pura Vida
3. The queso fresco at McGrath Cheese (try that with some minced black locust blossoms!)
4. The beef or chicken Pho at VN TO GO – (my new thing: dumping a bag of Sun Sprout spinach in my pho)
5. The blackberry applesauce at Wright’s Farm
6. The coconut simmer sauce at Calcutta Kitchens
7. The chocolate slushies from The Chocolate Carbon Workshop
8. The Honey Nut Crunch Nut Butter from Laurel’s Butter (back next week!)
9. The bacon jam at Stone & Thistle
10. The creamy yogurt from Back to the Future Farmspoonfood

New Castle Scone is here tomorrow with a new gluten-free espresso scone. Grace, the scone baker says espresso is her most popular scone flavor at the market so she figured out to how to make a version without gluten.

Three Little Pigs Barbecue is also here Saturday. You can ditch the spoon…bbqscone

Father’s Day is around the corner…good thing Hillrock Estate distilled spirits is here.

See you at the market!

Pascale Le Draoulec
food writer/ farmer’s market director
author: “American Pie:Slices of Life (and Pie) from America’s Back Roads” (HarperCollins)