november 30. 2018

Header112918Time to Restock!

Presumably, the last turkey sandwich was eaten yesterday. Your home-made turkey stock is in the freezer and you’ve scraped the bottom of the cranberry-citrus relish jar. Onward and upward! Fortunately, the market is back tomorrow after a short hiatus to restock your refrigerator and pantry. We will be at the train station tomorrow and next Saturday, before we move inside, for our big holiday market on Dec. 15th.

Caradonna Farms is bringing lots and lots of apples tomorrow.
Here are the varieties he will have on hand:
Honey Crisp
Pink Lady
Arkansas Black
Golden Delicious
Red Delicious

applesIf you are a little “pie-d out” (yes, this can happen), consider roasting some apples for dessert one night next week. So rustic and simple and so very comforting. Core your apples, drop a bit of butter in the core along with a teaspoon of sugar per apple. If you’d like, you can add a bit of Apple Jack or Calvados, too, depending on your crowd. Put a little cold water in the bottom of the roasting pan and bake apples in a 350-degree oven for 35-45 minutes, depending on size of apples. When fork tender top each apple with a dollop of  McGrath Cheese Co.’s cultured cream and you’ve got an easy, hyper-local dessert that is sure to please everyone at the table or make a healthy after school snack.

Soup is one of life’s best creature comforts. Now that you’ve got that great turkey stock, why not put it to good use? I don’t know about you but after the jumble of flavors of Thanksgiving (Each of my two stuffings contained at least 10 ingredients) I crave clean, bright, flavors that can be found in one-note soups. Consider this spinach soup or Jacques Pepin’s famous garlic soup.

soupsOf course, by next week I’ll probably be craving something a little heartier as winter settles in like this pork belly ramen caramelized pork ramen. The perfect excuse to break out your Instapot. You may need to hit up H-Mart for all of your Asian ingredients but Stone & Thistle and Letterbox Farm have you covered in the pork department.

GREAT NEWS: You know how you are always running out of cash at the market and have to trek to the nearest ATM? Now you can just walk over to the market tent and purchase “market bucks” in multiple denominations with your debit card. Also, consider giving market bucks as a holiday gift for a friend who has never been to the market. Or someone who can’t get enough of it. Maybe even in time for our Dec. 15th holiday market at the First Congregational Church where there will be many great gift items. You may want to hold off on getting your Christmas tree until then since they will be selling them at the Church that day.

Mrs. D’s Mediterranean Delights is taking a personal day tomorrow so we’ve invited Anthis Greek Specialties to fill in. Make sure you check out new gluten-free vendor: Kookie Kueen. And, Bambino’s Ravioli, is also joining us this winter.

See you at the Market!