october 11, 2018


You could go to Koreatown for some great bbq…

…or, you could just head to the train station on Saturday where Kimchi Culture will be dishing up traditional Bulgogi.

Bulgogi, literally, “fire meat,” is a Korean classic dish made of thin, slices of superior beef (or pork) that have been marinated in a sweet/savory sauce of soy sauce, sugar, and pear juice, then cooked. Almost all Korean family celebrations include a bulgogi dish. Sunny will be serving the bbq as part of a “Korean lunch box” which will also include some of her classic cabbage Kimchi and her rice cooked with Aster leaves and kabocha squash. The combination lunchbox sells for only $7.

bulgogi and kimchi_650px

While our goal at the market has always been to provide the best fresh local ingredients to inspire shoppers to cook at home, we are also particularly proud of our prepared food options. The Dough-Nation pizza truck continues dazzle with their market pies whose toppings vary from week to week just as our farmer’s fields do. And, of course, there’s our lovely, though tardy, Danae, of Mrs. D’s Mediterranean Delights. She bakes off her rich moussaka morning of market so can rarely make it by the opening bell but her loyal devotees have come to know and love that about her. Yes, this week she is bringing more of her artichoke moussaka.

pizzamoussakaWe had a small potluck party at our house last week. We made the anchor dish and guests brought desserts and appetizers and sides. I can’t say enough about https://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/12197-momofuks-bo-ssam. Make extra sauce so you can serve them over your stir-fry during the week or a simple bowl of rice and steamed market veggies. I served it with this easy, tangy Asian Slaw.

Should you be inspired to make your own bulgogi, try this easy-to-follow recipe by Julia Moskin in the NYT. Don’t forget to pick up some pears from Wright’s Farm or Caradonna for this recipe.

bossamHopefully, you picked up your apples LAST Week for our annual Apple pie contest. No worries if you didn’t plan ahead. Supermarket apples will do!

There is NO need to pre-register!

Just bring your baked beauty to the Chappaqua Farmers Market tent by 10:30 am.

Please put your name and phone number on a piece of tape and stick it on the bottom of your pan so we can return it to you.

Bring an index card with your name and number on one side and ingredient list on the other. If the recipe is a family secret, no need to share, but, please, do list your ingredients and variety of apple used.

We are so excited about our judges this year!

They are:

Dr. Christine Ackerman, Superintendent of CSD

Samantha Darling, Middle School and Greeley Latin Teacher

Pam Wright, 1st Place winner of 2017 CFM Chili Cook-off

Knives-—-0005-1500x1000Won’t be bringing a pie this year? Then at least bring your pruning shears or carving knives or fabric scissors for sharpening. Ready Set Sharp is here for his monthly visit. This is such a great service to have at the market…take advantage!

See you at the market and may the best baker win!

Pascale Le Draoulec

food writer/ farmer’s market director

author: “American Pie:Slices of Life (and Pie) from America’s Back Roads” (HarperCollins)