october 6, 2017


Soul Food

It’s been a bruising week for our country. This weekend would be a good time to chill with family, prepare a simple meal and just be together. In fact, my recipe for this week is just that. Doesn’t matter what you make. Just break bread with the people you love.

There will be no shortage of stellar ingredients at the market to work with.
McGrath Cheese is here with their pillowy Victoria cheese and their queso fresco which tastes great on roasted beets (gold and scarlet) filling the fall produce bins.
Blessed Brewery is here for their one a month visit, with their popular kombucha drinks including “fairy tonic.” Calcutta Kitchens is bringing her simmer sauces for an easy heartwarming supper.
Dragonfly Granola has added extra market dates for the fall, including this weekend, so you can sprinkle some granola goodness into your Hawthorne Valley or Shepherd Valley yogurt.
La Petite Occasion is back with her always satisfying salty caramels.
Laurelmaud’s Kitchen always has a new fruit jam or blend up her sleeve.
Mangalitsa will be cooking up brats in addition to selling their charcuterie made from heritage pigs.
If Farm EATS burgers are what you need, NY Chup is here to help you gussy them up.
How perfect: Pennylick Ice Cream is also here. Ice cream and apple pie should round out any family meal this weekend.food

Bien Cuit is offering some gorgeous new fall pastries including a “pumpkin bun:” flaky pastry rolled with creamy pumpkin butter and a warm blend of baking spices, then topped with a crunch of pepitas and demerara sugar. They’ve also added sauteed spinach and confit’d garlic to their ever popular Kale Feta Danish – the perfect counterpoint to a tangle of baby greens from  Letterbox or Black Creek Permaculture Farm.
For those of you who find solace in bacon, Letterbox is bringing Back Bacon: this bacon is considered “leaner” than traditional side bacon as it includes both the pork loin from the back and a bit of pork belly in the same cut. FYI.

And while we celebrate the market’s abundance this week, we also hope you will honor the many who are going without the basics, clean water, food and electricity, in Puerto Rico. Phelps Hospital will be at the market this Saturday to collect supplies for those who were impacted by the recent hurricanes.
Please come to the market with some of the items suggested on our homepage.
Everything should be unopened, in its original packaging and within its expiration dates. With the help of their partners at MedShare, Phelps Hospital will ship these items to Puerto Rico and the other nearby islands also affected.

We thank you in advance for your generosity.

See you at the market!