The mission of the Chappaqua Farmers Market is to bring food that is locally grown, raised or produced to our community. Additionally we want to raise awareness of the importance of eating local for the sustainability of our planet. And of course the market offers a place for the community for gather. Visit our Westchester County market every Saturday at the Chappaqua Train Station.

The market is open Saturdays from 8:30am to 1pm

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Vendors and News:

September 15th Vendors

Arlotta Food Studio
Bohemian Baked
Big Bang Coffee
Calcutta Kitchens
Carbon Chocolate Workshop
Dacha Fermented Foods
Neversink Spirits
Penny Lick Ice Cream
SweetHeath Bake Shop
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Bien Cuit Bakery
Black Creek Permaculture Farm
Caradonna Farms
Doc Pickle
Farm Eats
Joe Tomato Mozzarella
Growing Hearts Farm
Letterbox Farm
McGrath Cheese Co.
Mrs. D's Mediterranean Delights
Pura Vida Fishery
Stars of the Meadow Flower Farm
Stone & Thistle
Sun Sprout Farm
Taiim Shack Mobile
True Food
Wave Hill Breads
Wright's Apple Farm


Music and Events for September 15

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check back next week



Pascale’s Blog

  • september 13, 2018

    Header91418The early bird gets the…

    Ground cherries!

    Ground Cherries are in the same genus as tomatillos. The Smithsonian describes the ground cherry as a “cherry tomato injected with mango and pineapple juice and looks like an orange pearl encased in a miniature paper lantern.” I won’t even try to beat that description which is absolutely perfect.

    Ground Cherries are hyper-seasonal and so they won’t be around long. Growing Hearts has a few but you best get to the market early. Their common name stems from the fact that the fruit falls to the ground when it is ripe. Some farmers call them simply, “ground tomatoes” but they are also known as husk cherries or strawberry tomatoes. They are super versatile and suitable in both savory and sweet preparations.cherries1

    Here are some ideas from said Smithsonian article:

    1. Puree them into a salsa verde, or chop them in into this ground cherry salsa.

    2. Bake a ground cherry pie, upside-down cake, or a husk cherry and plum tart.

    3. Layer halved ground cherries with fresh tomatoes and basil for an easy appetizer.

    4. Make a simple salad from greens, ground cherries and goat cheese, or get a little more complex with husk cherry Waldorf salad.

    5. Ground cherry jam is “easy peasy,” we hear.

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